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when your envy's on a piece of paper

let me sweetly smile

6/15/79 03:09 pm - Graduation

Well, Mother and Father are as pleased as plums that I've graduated with the highest honours from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I can't say I'm much farther behind them. I, after all, excel in my courses and in my communications with others of the highest importance.

Private. Read it and I'll gouge your eyeballs out and spoon-feed them to you in arsenic.Collapse )

5/20/79 03:02 pm

Private to Self.Collapse )

5/15/79 06:06 pm

Closed from view to everyone but SlytherinsCollapse )

5/12/79 02:41 pm

Urgent Owl to Narcissa: Hexed ProtectivelyCollapse )

2/12/79 11:45 am - The road called Fate

My parents have been spending a lot of time with the Lestranges lately, and mother had written me a few weeks back to tell me that father seems particularly taken with their eldest, Rodolphus. Of course, I know Rodolphus, it would be completely unexpected if I didn't. After all, he's in my house and year. Anyway, Father has just written me a letter (and Father hardly ever writes; he relies on Mother to tell us the mundane news) informing me of his thoughts about Rodolphus becoming my fiance. He wants to know what I think (irrelevant - he'll choose either way, but he wants to know that I know the good logic and reasoning behind the choice) and he told me that he wants my return owled no later than the end of the month. Thank you, Father.

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1/20/79 10:04 pm

This is quite possibly one of the most boring Friday evenings I've ever had in my life.

It's quite unacceptable.

My fellow Slytherins are all pretty calm tonight, which isn't all that odd but it is irksome. You'd think a girl would be able to occupy herself with somebody, but they all appear rather reclusive (more than normal). Maybe I'll take a walk around the castle, just to see who I'll run into... and the first person who says that I'm out 'after hours' I will take the pleasure of hexing into next week. It is, after all, my last year here at Hogwarts.

Thank Merlin.

Because if I had to spend one more year under the tutelage of that muggle-loving old fool, I'd probably get myself into trouble that even Father couldn't get me out of.
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