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when your envy's on a piece of paper

let me sweetly smile

Bellatrix Black
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Hello. My name is Bellatrix Josephine Black, a newly graduated witch from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am a proud alumni of the Slytherin house and a staunch supporter of all things against muggles and the mudbloods they spawn. I am the eldest of the Black sisters and the chief heir of the Black family traditions and values. I am the queen of all things cunning and beautiful; there are no shades of grey in my world, only black and white... I uphold each and every Pureblood belief and am disgraced by and ashamed of my wayward cousin and sister, Sirius and Andromeda Black. I was raised with the family motto in mind: Torjours Pur. The blood may run pure, but people's minds do not always follow. Be gone, bad rubbish.

I am a strong-willed, crafty young woman, better suited to giving orders than receiving them. Ask anyone in the Slytherin house if they have ever dared defy Bellatrix Black - whose name means "warrioress." Am I simply intelligent? No, my dear friend, I think not. I am beautiful - beautifully deadly, like nightshade. I inherited the traditional Black looks: silky black hair, heavy-lidded eyes, and graceful limbs... and I know how to use each and every part of my body to my advantage, especially when dealing with those of the opposite gender. I do not feel either a fondness nor an aversion to most men; I am rather apathetic, as most I see are below me and therefore not worth my time. Four men I associate with: Regulus Black, who is family; Lucius Malfoy, who I plan to attach to my sister; Rodolphus Lestrange, who is my intended; and my Father, who is held in my high regards. You may ask me, what of one more? What of the Dark Lord? Ah, but he is no mere man! Do not even dirty his name by speaking it on your insignificant lips... he is a god in his own right, no mere man.

I see not what people like Dumbledore fear in the Dark Arts - there is nothing to fear there but fear itself, because fearing it will get you killed. Instead, I embrace it... I always have. It is powerful old magic, and being of one of the most powerful old magical bloodlines, I am well-suited for it. I exceed at any task in front of me and excel in the more difficult. For I am, without a doubt, a very good witch. Just not very... good.